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It greatly appreciates the efforts made to restore peace and expresses its sympathy with all of every race, and particularly Christians of every Church, who are suffering.

The Conference appeals to the nations of the world to dial with the problem not as one of expediency — political, strategic, or economic — but as a moral and spiritual question that touches a nerve centre of the world religious life. And for that reason it urges the United Nations to place Jerusalem and its immediate environs under permanent international control, with freedom of access to sacred places secured for the adherents of the three religions.

Nor is this a view at the Anglican Church only. One is justified therefore in claiming that internationalisation is desired by the overwhelming majority of the Christians of the world. If the voice of Eastern Christianity has been less clearly heard, it is largely because Eastern Christianity, muzzled under centuries of Muslim domination, has now, even if Jerusalem be internationalized, again to look forward either to Muslim or Jewish control in almost the whole Middle East.

It is within my own personal knowledge that the voice of local Christianity has been largely unheard by previous Commissions on Palestine because local Christians dared not say what they really thought. And however much one may regret and deprecate such fear, one knows that it was not and is not, groundless.

Mark of Jerusalem

It would seem that the only possible alternative to Internationalization is the partition of the Holy City as well as the Holy Land — a partition which will presumably follow something like the present dividing line between the two armies. Granted that the practical and administrative difficulties of internationalization are great, will not the difficulties of any such partition be greater?

Saint Simeon. In Bautz, Traugott ed.

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Patriarch of Jerusalem - Wikipedia

In fact the first fifteen bishops of Jerusalem were Jews according to Eusebius of Caesarea, the Church historian in the 4th century: "The first, then, was James, the so-called brother of the Lord; the second, Symeon; the third, Justus; the fourth, Zacchaeus; the fifth, Tobias; the sixth, Benjamin; the seventh, John; the eighth, Matthias; the ninth, Philip; the tenth, Seneca; the eleventh, Justus; the twelfth, Levi; the thirteenth, Ephres; the fourteenth, Joseph; and finally, the fifteenth, Judas who died during the Bar Kokhba rebellion.

These are the bishops of Jerusalem that lived between the age of the apostles and the time referred to, all of them belonging to the circumcision.

He is the bishop who ordained Origen, the great Christian interpreter of the Bible.